CMA Music Festival 2018: 30 Best Things We Saw

From Carrie Underwood and Chris Stapleton's main-stage stunners to breakout sets by Ashley McBryde and Dillon Carmichael

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Best Brotherly Love: The Last Bandoleros
Jordan O'Donnell15/30

Best Brotherly Love: The Last Bandoleros

A-level musicianship and blood-brothers harmony defined the Last Bandoleros' Sunday-afternoon set at the Hard Rock Stage, which found the Texas/New York/Nashville band locked in tighter than a safe room. "Where Do You Go?" was a joyous opening number, while "I Don’t Want to Know," with guitarist Jerry Fuentes' sublime Flamenco style, proved fittingly ominous for the storm clouds rolling in over the foursome's shoulders. But it was "Dancing With Irene" – a beauty of a song about overindulgence, damn the consequences – that best conveyed the bond of the band, with bassist Diego Navaira turning his mic stand around to sing to his drummer sibling Emilio. That affection for one another runs deeps – as the opening notes of the show-closing "Take Me to It" rang out, Diego planted a kiss squarely on Fuentes' cheek. J.H. 

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