CMA Music Festival 2018: 20 Best Free Concerts

From Ashley McBryde and Michael Ray to the Last Bandoleros and Midland, the must-see no-ticket-required sets this week in Nashville

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Jenny Tolman
Anna Webber14/20

Jenny Tolman

When: Friday, June 8, 2:30 p.m.
Where: Nashville Acoustic Corner Stage
With her music video for "Something to Complain About" resonating with CMT viewers – it recently topped CMT Music's 12-Pack Countdown – Jenny Tolman is succeeding in welcoming fans to Jennyville, the musical wonderland the Nashville native is creating on her forthcoming debut album. It's a candy-colored place, populated by Tolman's clever lyrics and sassy delivery, both of which will be on display when she performs at the Nashville Acoustic Corner Stage on Friday and later Sunday afternoon at the Music City Light Stage. Expect her grass-roots hit, which takes to task those who bitch about their diamond shoes fitting too tightly, along with a healthy dose of girl-next-door charm. J.H.

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