2017 Country Music Hall of Fame Medallion Ceremony: 10 Best Moments

From Alan Jackson's acceptance speech to Loretta Lynn's first Nashville appearance since her May stroke

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Lee Ann Womack Silences the Room
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Lee Ann Womack Silences the Room

"I'm a singer of simple songs," Alan Jackson famously sang on "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)." Of all his hit ballads, perhaps none says more with less than the title track of his 1990 breakthrough LP Here in the Real World. Captivating with a pin-drop vocal performance, Lee Ann Womack reinforced the song's timelessness. "Real World" sounds like it could have been born in any era of country music, but its theme – coming of age by way of accepting the wrenching reality that things hardly ever work out the way they should – says as much today as it ever has.

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