20 Best Country Songs to Play While Getting High

From modern cannabis classics by Kacey Musgraves and Eric Church to oldies but goodies by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson

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Waylon Jennings, "Waymore's Blues"

"If you want to get to heaven you've got to D-I-E," sings Waylon Jennings on this Seventies outlaw classic that showed just how slyly the legend could rock. "You gotta put on your coat and T-I-E." It's a simple couplet, perfect for mulling over in an intoxicated state of mind: this is country, existential style. As the lore goes, the track cuts off abruptly because an argument in the studio forced Jennings to use a version of the song that never intended to be heard – so part of the fun is not only enjoying his particular breed of Southern badass, but also imagining what may have gone on behind closed doors. And if you can't use your imagination while high, then what's the point?

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