10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: March 2018

From the Hank Jr. honky-tonk of Dillon Carmichael to the ethereal Laurel Canyon folk-pop of Savannah Conley

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Tuxedo Records5/10


Sounds Like: The soundtrack to a long, epic nighttime drive through the desert

For Fans of: David Ramirez, Andrew Combs, Rayland Baxter

Why You Should Pay Attention: Josh Desure jumpstarted his career in the music business tour managing for Midland, hitting the road with the trio as they toured their debut album On the Rocks. After a last-minute opening stint for the band in Bakersfield, Desure hung up his tour-manager hat and decided to give music a real go. "Stranded Son" is his only official release, but the song is more than enough to prove Desure's musical chops, a panoramic slice of folk rock with just enough twang.

He Says: "I've been playing music for years, but about this time last year after tour managing Midland, I started to take it a lot more seriously. Those guys really inspired me and made me believe I could do it on a higher level. So I started playing a lot around Southern California and getting my live sound down. Working for them taught me so much: what goes into each show, leading up to it, during, and the breakdown. Tour managing came to an end when they had a show at Buck Owens Crystal Palace and asked if I wanted to open with a few songs. Midland all told me afterward that I should be performing more and not just managing."

Hear for Yourself: "Stranded Son" is the first piece of solo music Desure has released, and introduces him as a capable steward of both Bakersfield country and Laurel Canyon folk. B.M.

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