10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: August 2017

From a singer-songwriter who mixes girl-group harmonies with Countrypolitan strings to a disciple of Keith Urban who loves the loop pedal

Becca Mancari
Zachary Gary1/10

Becca Mancari

Sounds Like: The spacey soundtrack for sunbaked afternoons, full of atmospheric Americana, hazy folk-rock and songwriting that drifts, drawls and draws you in

For Fans of: Neil Young's Harvest, Mazzy Star, Hurray for the Riff Raff

Why You Should Pay Attention: Before planting her roots in Nashville, Mancari logged time in the northeast, the Appalachians, India, Africa and Florida, collecting song ideas along the way. Her upcoming debut album, Good Woman, charts a path as wide as those travels, mixing the reverb-soaked influence of Radiohead with the twang and texture of American roots music. It's a sound that's already won over fans like Kacey Musgraves' bandleader Kyle Ryan, who produced the record in his home studio, as well as the Alabama Shakes' big-voiced frontwoman Brittany Howard, who teamed up with Mancari and folksinger Jesse Lafser to launch the songwriters' side project, Bermuda Triangle, earlier this summer.

She Says: "I still draw a lot from Neil Young, especially when he starts to wild out a little bit," Mancari says of her influences, "but this record moves beyond that. I love Big Thief, Tame Impala and Kevin Morby. There's a pedal steel player in my band, but I'd never play with someone who approaches that instrument traditionally. This is different. The sound he makes almost sounds like a synthesizer."

Hear for Yourself: As a steel guitar swoons and swells in the background, Mancari casts a slow-burning spell with Good Woman's kickoff track, "Arizona Fire." R.C.