10 Best Country and Americana Songs of the Week: Amanda Shires, Jackie Lee and More

Shires' dreamy "Leave It Alone," Lee's personal "Long Year," Israel Nash's lush "Rolling On" and more songs to hear right now

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Amanda Shires, "Leave It Alone"

Trading the folksy lilt of 2016's My Piece of Land for a Reagan-era spin on modern indie pop, Amanda Shires offer a sneak peak of her upcoming album To the Sunset with "Leave it Alone." It's a song that wears its influences proudly, mixing Cyndi Lauper's geeky chic with Wars on Drugs' stoned, guitar-arpeggiated sweep. Shires' voice steals the spotlight, though, and her double-tracked melodies – sung with a sprightly tremble – add a human heart to her most synth-friendly work to date. R.C.

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