10 Classic Country Albums Turning 50 This Year

From Johnny Cash's 'At Folsom Prison' to Dolly Parton's 'Just Because I'm a Woman'

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Jerry Lee Lewis, 'Another Place, Another Time'

Jerry Lee Lewis, 'Another Place, Another Time'

The wider world knows Jerry Lee Lewis primarily, perhaps even entirely, as a first-gen rock & roller, but country fans know that his later Nashville work is every bit as amazing. The singles here, "What's Made Milwaukee Famous" and the title track, have long since proven iconic, and the rest of his country album debut shows Lewis to be one of American pop's great midtempo ballad singers, period. His cover of ol' ET's "Walking the Floor Over You" doesn’t walk over anything; it flies, courses, fleeing the scene of some crime. His version of "The Fugitive" isn't scared or lonely or cagey like Merle's; Jerry Lee's man on the lamb is a scofflaw braggart, eager for whatever trap or adventure the next city springs. Each track of the way, Jerry Lee manages to be present in the typically forlorn moment of the specific lyric while also highlighting his absolutely distinctive, lyric-be-damned Jerry Lee-ness. 

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