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Tom Sinclair


  • Notorious

    Joan Jett knows the wisdom of the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Don't let the soft-focus Joan-as-mysterioso-fashion-model album cover fool you — Notorious is in no way a dilution of the Blackhearts' down-and-dirty formula. Okay, there are a couple of ballads, but for the most part Notorious is what we've come […]

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  • Woke Up With a Monster

    There was a time, circa 1977-80, when Cheap Trick were sitting on top of the world. With its skewed Beatle-pop and calculated image, the Illinois quartet rose from obscurity to arena-rock status practically overnight. The beauty of Cheap Trick was that you could love them even if you didn't get the joke. The group's irony […]

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  • No Alternative

    It's 1993, and Alternative Rock is in full bloom; unfortunately, so is the horror of the AIDS epidemic. Producers Paul Heck, Jessica Kowal and Rolling Stone Senior Writer Chris Mundy have corralled 21 of the biggest names in the alternative universe and asked each to contribute a song to a benefit album to be done […]

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  • Green Mind

    Listen to Green Mind a time or two and the term folk rock starts to take on entirely new dimensions. While no one's going to mistake Dinosaur Jr majordomo J. Mascis for a Roger McGuinn acolyte, there's no denying that his pretty melodies and drawling, laid-back voice connote folk as surely as his over-the-top guitar […]

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