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Timothy White


  • Babylon By Bus

    Jamaicans have a marvelously vivid word — blueswee — to describe those who are wily and hard to pin down: i.e., the Bob Marleys of the world. In native folklore, these qualities of cunning are personified by Anancy, a legendary figure whose name comes from the Twi anànse, meaning spider. The Anancy stories, derived from […]

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  • Chances Are

    Record-industry grave robbers could scarcely wait until nightfall to cash in on the late Bob Marley's scattered legacy. In this case, the culprits are the people at Cayman Music and Cissi Music, former career guides of Johnny ("I Can See Clearly Now") Nash and the controllers of an obscure portion of Marley's material, recorded between […]

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  • James Cagney: Looking Backward

    An armchair tour of fifty years in showbiz

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  • Carly Simon: Fathers and Lovers

    The singer learns how to say goodbye

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  • Songs In The Attic

    Just as veteran rock & roller Bob Seger once attempted (successfully) to add a crisp new edge and some fiery freshness to a chunk of his time-honored repertoire with 1976's Live Bullet, so Billy Joel has brought forth a number of dusty gems from his less-heralded years (1971-1976) and given them an appealing live showcase […]

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  • Stevie Nicks' Magic Act

    With her new solo album, Fleetwood Mac's Good Fairy tries to balance two careers – and two personalities

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  • Bob Marley: 1945-1981

    The king of reggae finds his Zion

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  • Interview: James Taylor

    Too many drugs, too much drinking and too much distance between his head and home are what keeps him singing about pain for a living

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  • Private Goldie

    If you think you know her, think again

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  • Walter, We Hardly Knew You

    A candid conversation with America's most comforting stranger

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