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Steve Hochman


  • Linkin Park Beat Bootleggers

    Band hires security to prevent leak of new album

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  • Nine Inch Nails: The Pleasure of Pain

    Trent Reznor dances on the edge of madness

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  • N.W.A. Cops an Attitude

    L.A. rappers portray the violence of ghetto life

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  • Savage

    These are the dreams of the everyday housewife — well, at least the dreams of the everyday schizophrenic housewife. The latest opus from Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart (working as a duo again after a couple of albums in which they used outside musicians) goes a few steps beyond the themes of Bruce Springsteen's […]

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  • Frank's Wild Years

    The champagne wishes and caviar dreams of two-bit drifters have been Tom Waits's stock in trade through a fourteen-year career. And this album, subbilled as Un Operachi Romantico in Two Acts and comprising songs drawn from Waits's stage play of the same name (co-written by his wife, Kathleen Brennan), pretty well summarizes his world view. […]

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