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Stephen Demorest


  • Peter Gabriel

    When Peter Gabriel resigned as frontman of Genesis two years ago, he said it was to search for the unexpected. On the evidence of his first solo album, he's found it. Instead of crystallizing an easily apprehensible musical identity, Gabriel has put together a grab bag collection of songs that bear little resemblance to one […]

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  • Talking Heads '77

    Talking Heads are the last of CBGB's original Big Four to record (following Patti Smith, the Ramones and Television), and their debut is an absolute triumph. Dressing like a quartet of Young Republicans, playing courteously toned-down music and singing lyrics lauding civil servants, parents and college, Talking Heads are not even remotely punks. Rather, they […]

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  • Nick Drake Touches a Rare Tranquility on 'Bryter Layter'

    On his second album, the singer-songwriter delivers enchanting melodies, stirring empathy, and authenticity

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