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Sophie Weiner


  • Hit Reset

    Feminist punk icon Kathleen Hanna knocks out furious punk earworms and explores her softer side with the third great band she's fronted.

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  • Lost Time

    Super-catchy pop-punk with whip-smart feminist wit.

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  • Jet Plane and Oxbow

    Austin band focuses in on violence and fear, finds their tightest songs in years

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  • Beach Music

    Bedroom recording star steps onto a bigger stage with an album that still feels intimate

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  • Abyss

    West Coast goth queen finds the heart in an ocean of dark noise

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  • Froot

    Welsh pop artist Marina Diamandis' third album is her most revealing and sure-footed yet. Diamandis  (a.k.a. Marina and The Diamonds) comes across as more mature and sincere than on previous efforts like her conceptually challenged 2012 LP Electra Heart. On that album, she worked with a slew of Top 40 producers, ending up with a wobbly pastiche; here, […]

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  • The Scene Between

    Noisy, jangly pop crew flies too close to the sun on wings of pure twee sugar

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  • Vestiges & Claws

    Swedish folkie unfurls his gentle beauty, very slowly

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  • Turning

    A concert album full of pain and beauty

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  • We Come From the Same Place

    Soft-spoken indie-pop group could use some caffeine

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