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Scott Hess


  • James Iha Debuts Solo Album In Chicago

    Diminutive indie-rock icon James Iha — best known for his guitar work as a member of Smashing Pumpkins — treated 100 fans and music industry insiders to a very special show on Monday evening at the equally diminutive Top Note Theatre in Chicago. Located just above the Metro — the same venue where the Pumpkins […]

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  • Coroner: "Hutchence Took His Own Life"

    INXS frontman Michael Hutchence was in a "severe depressed state" when he hung himself with his own belt on the morning of Nov. 22, according to findings announced by State Coroner Derrick Hand in New South Wales, Australia on Friday morning. In his first conclusive remarks on the heels of a two-month investigation, Hand offered […]

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  • Reznor Infused Bowie EP Almost Here

    Virgin Records will release a special six-track EP featuring six remixes of David Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans," a song he co-wrote with Brian Eno. Nine Inch Nails is credited with five of the remixes, and leader Trent Reznor sings background vocals on one of them. Reznor appears in a video for the song, which […]

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  • Dylan Performs For 300,000 At "Catholic Woodstock"

    In papal news — that's right, papal news — Pope John Paul II may well earn himself the distinction of being the first-ever rock 'n' roll pontiff. Proving that truth is often stranger than fiction, the Pope himself presided over what some were calling a "Catholic Woodstock" as folk demigod Bob Dylan performed a three-song […]

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