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Sandy Masuo


  • The Jethro Tull Christmas Album

    Jethro Tull wear the holiday spirit well — think Aqualung after the Christmas ghosts have had their way with him. The originals simmer with eccentric, eclectic, folky energy, rocking ditties threaded through with Celtic stylings, jazzy undercurrents, Ian Anderson's distinctive flute and wry humor. The spry "Last Man at the Party" celebrates the excesses of […]

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  • Arrival

    Journey were the epitome of commercial Eighties rock. They still are, more than twenty-five years after the band first formed in San Francisco. Despite a couple significant lineup changes — singer Steve Augeri and drummer Deen Castronovo have replaced Steve Perry and Steve Smith — the band's eighteenth album plays out much like its predecessors. […]

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  • Unplugged

    Considering the hard, serrated edges of Alice in Chains' first two albums, it came as a surprise when the band opted for an understated, semi-acoustic tack on 1994's Jar of Flies EP. Even more surprising were the subtle dynamics and pensive singer/songwriter airs stirred up by the band's slowing down and stripping back. With this […]

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