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Robert Palmer


  • Phoebe Snow Finds the Suburbs of the Soul: Rolling Stone's 1975 Cover Story

    I knew I'd found Passaic's Capitol Theater when I caught sight of a couple of teenagers trying to strangle each other against a grimy, peeling wall while an unconcerned vendor hawked hot pretzels to the gathering crowd nearby. I slipped around the mélee, through the stage door and into a green-carpeted, plywood-paneled room full of […]

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  • A Portrait of the Band as Young Hawks: Rolling Stone's 1978 Feature on 'The Last Waltz'

    Robert Palmer relives the pre-Band era with Robbie Robertson

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  • Dirty

    Rock has never seen a band quite like Sonic Youth, even if you discount the group's innovative guitar tunings and unique slant on pop culture. For eleven years now, Sonic Youth — singer-guitarist Thurston Moore, singer-bassist Kim Gordon, guitarist Lee Ranaldo and drummer Steve Shelley — have surefootedly made their way from the New York […]

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  • Q&A: Yoko Ono

    The artist-musician on her new album, making music with her son and living in John Lennon's shadow

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  • Peel Slowly and See

    Peel Slowly and See, the long-awaited five-disc Velvet Underground box set, offers fresh perspectives and some hidden truths, even for longtime Velvets fans. None is brought home more vividly than this simple proposition: The Velvets were a band. It wasn't singer/songwriter Lou Reed plus backing musicians, and it wasn't just a laboratory for volatile interactions […]

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  • Monster

    Not so long ago, Rolling Stone's David Fricke asked the late Kurt Cobain whom he admired among "established" rock bands. Cobain unhesitatingly named R.E.M., using the occasion to send the band members a virtual mash note for remaining true to their muse and to themselves and for refusing to be swayed by the shifting winds […]

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  • Bob Marley's Reggae Legacy: Sects, Drugs and Rock & Roll

    He changed the course of Jamaican music and brought reggae to the world stage. But his songs of freedom still beat with a rock & roll heart

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  • Eric Clapton: Living on Blues Power

    Whether or not you think he's God, his mastery of the blues might get you crying tears in heaven

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  • Mr. Excitement

    Jackie Wilson's vocal virtuosity, casual asides, explosive stage moves and projection of raw sexuality had a major impact on the young Elvis Presley. Years later, Michael Jackson named him as a major influence. With a career spanning the R&B, rock & roll and soul years, Wilson left his mark as a consummate stage performer; as […]

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  • One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley and The Wailers

    Rastafarianism is a creed that hides its humane spirituality under warlike metaphors. Since his death in 1981, Bob Marley has been both Rasta saint and commander in chief. His eminence came from his universality, and his best work, from "No Woman No Cry" to "Redemption Song," fused anger with tenderness and incantational melodies. This posthumous […]

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