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Robert Cherry


  • A Crow Left Of The Murder

    Incubus' fifth album opens with Brandon Boyd shouting at the pop stars on his TV, radio and computer screen: "Hey, megalomaniac! You're no Jesus! You're no fucking Elvis! You're no answer!" The rest of the disc finds him suffering from similar media overload and spitting out apocalyptic images over the band's lean grooves, swaggering riffs, […]

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  • Urge Overkill Reenter

    Chicago rockers reunite for tour

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  • Take A Look In The Mirror

    New metal is dead, but Korn remain, stronger than ever trends have shifted away from these new-metal pioneers, snuffing the careers of many of their countless clones. In response, Korn have circled the wagons and self-produced their best album to date, refining the formula to a black-cancer marmalade of corrosive riffs, fist-flying rhythms, gothic-carnival atmospheres […]

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  • Master Of Puppets (Reissue)

    On Master of Puppets' "Damage, Inc.," James Hetfield lays out Metallica's business plan: "Go against the grain until the end," he bellows, gleefully adding, "Life ain't for you/And we're the cure." The target of the band's bottomless rage in the mid-Eighties was Van Halen's party-rock spawn. With their third album, the self-anointed "anti-Motley Crue" did […]

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