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Rob Tannenbaum


  • The 100 Greatest Neil Young Songs

    From tender ballads to raging grunge, the songwriter's nearly 60-year career has produced some of rock’s most enduring music

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  • The 40 Greatest Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time

    The definitive guide to Zeppelin’s finest recorded moments

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  • 'Led Zeppelin IV': How Band Struck Back at Critics With 1971 Masterpiece

    Chafing at attacks from press, inspired by unparalleled artistic ambitions, Zeppelin made one of rock's biggest albums

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  • Xscape

    Michael Jackson has been more prolific in death than he usually was while alive. For his second posthumous studio LP, weighing in at an ungenerous eight songs, Timbaland and Jerome Harmon lead a team of producers who've added bulk and even dubstep eruptions to Jackson's unfinished tracks, originally laid down between 1983 and 2002.  "Loving […]

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  • Bill Simmons' Big Score

    How a failed newspaper writer built a new kind of media empire at ESPN

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  • Love, Marriage & Divorce

    With its marital arguments, dramatic plot reversals and luxurious exteriors, this collaboration between two accomplished R&B sensualists is like a musical adaptation of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Both singers have been through failed marriages, and they know what it sounds like when love goes sour: "I hope she gives you a disease," Braxton seethes in […]

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  • Blake Griffin Dishes on Bieber, Weed, Creed and His PED Secret

    With the NBA playoffs looming, the L.A. Clippers star checks in about his hilarious TV ads, in-game bathroom breaks and a certain pop star

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  • Out Among the Stars

    Johnny Cash often seemed like he was granite in human form, so it's odd to think that such a giant once had his career derailed by John Travolta. The 1980 hit film Urban Cowboy accelerated country's long drift toward music that was soft, vacant and overproduced – driving Cash to dismiss the "Urban Cowboy fad" […]

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  • Shakira.

    If you're Shakira's ex-boyfriend – specifically, the one who sued her for $100 million in 2012 – you really don't want to hear this record. On Shakira., the Colombian-born singer and hip-shaker rejoices in dissing men who lie and "just want your money," while salivating over a new love's "legs that never end." She pins […]

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  • Mike Tyson on Ditching Club Life and Getting Sober

    The 'Undisputed Truth' author opens up about his life after boxing

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