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Rob Kemp


  • 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time

    From rock thunder machines to punk powerhouses, we count down the kings and queens of slam

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  • This Is Where I Came In

    At no point on the twenty-eighth Bee Gees studio album does Barry Gibb really unleash that falsetto — what former producer Arif Mardin called his method of "screaming in tune." This Is Where I Came In is a little light on the Brothers Gibb's trademark keening harmonies. The toothsome threesome does, however, winningly assume the […]

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  • The Best Of Both Worlds

    Sixteen of the thirty-six tunes here are powerful examples of the greatest party band of the past twenty-five years. From 1978 to 1985, Van Halen were a showcase for impish, groundbreaking guitarist Eddie Van Halen as well as for David Lee Roth, whose gifts included being a frontman nonpareil and driving Eddie bananas. The latter […]

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  • Absolution

    When Radiohead began to explore electronic textures on Kid A, it fell to upstart U.K. bands such as Coldplay, Travis, Starsailor and Muse to provide the world with disconsolate, Pink Floyd-worthy guitar rock. So give Muse, from the English town of Teignmouth, some credit for adopting Radiohead's bombastic Bends approach and adding prog-rock-style instrumental virtuosity. […]

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  • Sixty Six To Timbuktu

    Although this solo-career retrospective ignores Robert Plant's fine first album (not to mention 1983's incandescent "In the Mood"), Sixty Six makes a convincing case that Plant's artistry didn't end with Led Zeppelin. Besides unveiling four pre-Zep rarities — including 1967 covers of "Hey Joe" and "For What It's Worth" — the set finds Plant's expressive […]

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  • Live At The Roxy Theatre

    On his first live solo album, recorded at Hollywood's famed Sunset Strip club, the Roxy, the great California pop composer is generous with the spotlight: He praises his ten-piece band, which re-creates classic Beach Boys instrumentals such as "Let's Go Away for Awhile" and "Pet Sounds," and honors Phil Spector, the creator of Wilson's "favorite […]

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  • Lions

    The sixth Black Crowes record begins with "Midnight From the Inside Out," a feedback-riddled jam that never achieves liftoff. You fear that our neoclassic rock heroes have abandoned the boozy, supercharged verve of 1999's By Your Side and retreated into the listless psychedelia of 1994's Amorica. Hey, not so fast: "Lickin'" sports a lowdown groove, […]

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