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R. Meltzer


  • 20 Granite Creek

    Well it's sure nice to see the Grape have cheered up since their Fillmore East fiasco of the past June. It was to be their big comeback and in practice they played the best live set ever performed anytime anywhere and then when the audience was there they stank. Audiences can be a pain in […]

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  • Byrdmaniax

    What a boring dead group. But then again aren't they all? Right, that puts it all in a different perspective. Increments of pus. Anything unfestering is a bonus. Two halfway decent cuts makes an album a winner, maybe even one. The cover features death masks of the Byrds. But the eyes are closed and lots […]

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  • Blood, Sweat & Tears 4

    When Ed Sullivan welcomed Blood, Sweat & Tears to his show a while back he asked them where they got the unusual name from. From Churchill, they replied. Well, since the Kinks did Arthur, everybody knows Churchill isn't worth very much anymore, so as a result the name has been immeasurably weakened. So maybe they […]

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