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  • Science-Backed, Better Alternatives Can Improve Public Health

    Campaigners called for us to develop better alternatives to continued smoking — and we have. Build better, do better, be better. As individuals or as a society, the path to progress is paved with continuous improvement. It’s the foundation upon which public health in particular is built, from better understanding to better science to better […]

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  • In Science We Trust

    In a world reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of science has been brought into sharp focus. Chief scientific advisors, epidemiologists and infectious disease experts have become household names around the world; all hopes pinned on pioneers of modern medicine to provide the escape route: a vaccine. We are guzzling up information with newfound […]

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  • Is a Smoke-Free Society Within Our Grasp?

    Despite all the warnings, an estimated 1.1 billion people smoke cigarettes, according to the World Health Organization. While staggering, keep in mind that this figure is likely to stay stagnant despite ongoing efforts to reduce cigarette consumption. Put simply, estimates suggest there will still be around 1 billion smokers in the world by 2025. In […]

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  • Progress Through Innovation – Changes for the Better

    Before the current health crisis, adults around the world ranked air pollution as the most important public health issue for governments to dedicate time and resources, according to a 2018 global survey commissioned by Philip Morris International (PMI). Respondents listed mental health and obesity as concerns as well. In any event, it’s clear there is […]

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