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  • 'The Jerry Lewis': The Untold Story of the Beastie Boys Single That Never Was

    Jerry Lewis, a hidden tape reel and the hit song that never was

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  • Trill O.G.

    By the time rap superduo UGK gained fame poppin' off on Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'," they were already revered for putting candy-painted, Texas-centric swag on the map. But since Bun B's player-partner, Pimp C, died in 2007, the sound of Bun soldiering on feels like Dan Aykroyd donning his Blues Brothers suit without John Belushi around. […]

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  • In the Studio: T-Pain's Angry Return

    >T-Pain is feeling fiercely territorial over his signature sexy robot sound, or more precisely, the Auto-Tune software that turns his voice into a cyborg croon — as heard on hits he's produced or sung on, such as Kanye West's "Good Life," Flo Rida's "Low" and his own "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')." "People I […]

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  • In the Studio: The Black Keys' 'Attack & Release'

    Danger Mouse and Ike Turner inspire duo's new disc

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  • Q&A: Akon

    How Akon went from car thief to inmate to hip-hop's top R&B singer

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  • Todd Smith

    They say money can buy you friends, and it's bought thirty-eight-year-old LL Cool J age-defying hit collabos before. But, damn, this is just too much: Eight of thirteen tracks on Todd Smith qualify as slow-jam duets (the cavalcade of candy-ass co-stars including Ne-Yo, 112, Ginuwine and Jamie Foxx), and none of them has a sweat […]

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  • King

    The third album from T.I. won't do much to answer doubters who've chalked the Atlanta MC's success up to his compelling life story (he's gone from rags to riches to jail and back) and to his thug-in-aviator-shades good looks, rather than his presence on the mike. On King, former "Rubber Band Man" Clifford Harris flips […]

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  • Collected

    Their old jogging buddy tricky may have been the one who used Pre-Millennium Tension as an album title, but no one captured the creeping dread of the 1990s better than the Bristol, England, group Massive Attack. Slowing hip-hop's funk down to a crawl, delivering dyspeptic raps in raspy whispers and texturing their tracks with the […]

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  • Mary J. Blige Back on Top

    Queen of Hip-Hop Soul unseats Foxx with her latest 'Breakthrough'

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  • The Grind Date

    The magical collaboration between De La Soul and producer Prince Paul bore three classic hip-hop LPs, but since 1993's Buhloone Mindstate, the trio's work without Paul has felt merely accomplished. The Grind Date is stock De La; there's little personality and no surprises here, from Flavor Flav's rote shucking on "Come On Down" to Madlib's […]

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