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Peter Herbst


  • James Taylor: the Rolling Stone Interview

    Before James Taylor went out on his recent tour, he had doubts about how much longer he could rock & roll in public. At thirty-one, with a wife (Carly Simon) and two children (Sarah, 5, and Ben, 2), he began to think of performing his music as being “a bit adolescent.” His new album. “Flag,” […]

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  • Linda Ronstadt: The Rolling Stone Interview

    The singer-songwriter gets personal

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  • Simple Dreams

    The thing about Linda Ronstadt is that she keeps getting better, and we keep expecting more and more of her. She's always possessed that big, magnanimous voice, but it wasn't until Heart like a Wheel that her interpretive and arranging skills (the latter, and perhaps both, due to the felicitous pairing with producer Peter Asher) […]

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  • Fleetwood Mac Not Hurt By Stevie Nicks

    Nicks, Buckingham and company triumph over adversity

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  • JT

    JT is James Taylor coming out of his personal closet. In "Looking for Love on Broadway" he sings, "Had my fill of self-pity," and that's epochal stuff for the man who almost single-handedly developed the eyes-affixed-to-the-navel songwriting and performing posture. Yet the album supports Taylor's claim. Only one song on JT, "Another Grey Morning," even […]

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  • CSN

    What's so instantly striking about Crosby, Stills and Nash's CSN, their second group album in eight years, is that it sounds so much like the debut LP even though its makers are so vastly changed. Since CS&N, and later Y, were always at the vanguard of the conspicuous counterculture (always ready to hoist their tie-dyed […]

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  • Sweet Forgiveness

    Why should Bonnie Raitt merit our "sweet forgiveness" any longer? Her newest album, though pleasant in spots, is in the end deeply frustrating. The promise in work like Give It Up has been squandered through lack of direction and inspiration. The hallmarks of that LP — distinctive instrumental settings and fills, an ear for the […]

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