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Parke Puterbaugh


  • Monkee Business Revisited

    Rolling Stone's 1986 feature on the return of Monkee mania, 20 years after the band's peak

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  • Memphis Honors Big Star’s Alex Chilton at Hometown Tribute Show

    Members of the Raconteurs, R.E.M. rock Levitt Shell for fallen cult hero

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  • N’Awlinz: Dis Dat Or D’Udda

    Throughout the years, the music of Louisiana in general and New Orleans in particular has grown self-referential to the point of annoyance. One more song about Mardi Gras could send a sane person scurrying to the nearest monastery. N'Awlinz: Dis Dat or D'udda, Dr. John's latest hometown tribute, may be the tipping point. On paper, […]

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  • The Dead Get Political

    Band takes a stand for Kerry, prepares for fortieth anniversary

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  • Live 1964: Concert at Philharmonic Hall – The Bootleg Series Volume 6

    "Don't let that scare you," said Bob Dylan, referring to "Gates of Eden," the song he had just performed at New York's Philharmonic Half on October 31st. 1964. "It's just Halloween. I have my Bob Dylan mask on." The abstract imagery of "Gates of Eden" — including "Utopian hermit monks" and a "motorcycle black madonna […]

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  • The Making of ‘Let It Bleed’

    The inside story of one how one of the greatest albums came to be

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  • In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003

    You may remember what a big, brow-knitting deal it was when, in the late Eighties, America's favorite indie band left IRS Records and signed with Warner Bros. for a few million bucks. This eighteen-track retrospective of the more cerebral Warner years shows that R.E.M. stuck to their principles and kept on their path, In Time […]

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  • The Very Best of the Eagles

    Eagles concert tickets may be overpriced, but this best-of — thirty-three songs on two discs, plus a DVD — is a bargain. Superseding two established phenomena — Greatest Hits (at 28 million copies sold, music's all-time best seller) and Greatest Hits Volume 2 (11 million sold) — The Very Best incorporates every song from both […]

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  • Better the Second Time Around

    The Who, Bob Marley and Sonic Youth re-release their finest work, a wealth of new material

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  • Reflections

    Still a force of nature at seventy-seven, B.B. King has made his new album, Reflections, a classy affair, tilted toward ballads and standards. King gives a warmly enveloping take on "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons"; his voice opens up wide, and glistening notes fall from his guitar. Admittedly, he seems a little wobbly and […]

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