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Neva Chonin


  • Beck in Las Vegas: A Little Bit of Everything

    Live report from Tropicana Resort and Casino, May 6th, 1999

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  • Neon Ballroom

    When Silverchair wrap up their mopey opening track with the words "lessons learned," it's hard to suppress a sigh at the overt lyrical reference to Kurt Cobain's "Dumb." But Australia's answer to Nirvana are going through some changes: Silverchair's third album, Neon Ballroom, wants to prove that this grungeling power trio has continued to mature […]

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  • Whitechocolatespaceegg

    In 1993 a twenty-six-year-old Liz Phair burned her image onto the post-feminist landscape with Exile in Guyville, an album that perfectly captured the experiences of young women stranded between puberty and adulthood. Phair herself embodied the contradictions of contemporary chickdom: She cursed sexism while reveling in her own sexuality, acted tough but suffered from debilitating […]

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  • Leonard Cohen on Sunshine, His Love Life and Kurt Cobain’s Suicide

    Canadian singer-songwriter became a Buddhist monk, but his influence on popular music has never wavered

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  • Kettle Whistle

    From their birth in 1986 to their breakup in 1991, Jane's Addiction were rock's hip conscience in a square time. The band infused the stolid '80s music scene with a Zeppelinesque, neometal sound that presaged the grindings of grunge bands. And in Perry Farrell, it gave the '90s one of its first alternative-rock stars. Now […]

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  • Q&A: Mike Watt

    Former Minutemen bassist discusses new solo album, 'Contemplating the Engine Room'

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  • Homogenic

    Like her catastrophically beautiful homeland, Björk Gudmundsdóttir is a marvel of working contradictions. She's a boho, high-profile dance diva and a fiercely private mother who made news by sparring with a Bangkok, Thailand, camera crew trying to photograph her son; she's a whimsical space cookie who spikes interviews with asides about polar bears and flying, […]

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