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Nathan Brackett


  • Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 45 Perfect Presents for Music Lovers

    The hottest box sets, speakers, shirts and books for the coldest months of the year

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  • Modern Vampires of the City

    It's official: Vampire Weekend really don't give a fuck about an Oxford comma. On their third album, Ezra Koenig and the band have rid themselves, once and for all, of the precious post-collegiate references that used to be their calling card: The girls of Wellfleet have scattered, and apparently that second horchata didn't go down […]

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  • How I Got Over

    The Roots sound so good in the pocket that sometimes they need something to push them out of it: On their ninth album, that thing is the indie rockers they've played with since becoming the house band for Jimmy Fallon. On How I Got Over, they cover Monsters of Folk ("Dear God 2.0"), scat like […]

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  • Scorsese Unveils Rolling Stones Doc at Berlin Film Fest

    The Rolling Stones and Martin Scorsese opened the Berlin International Film Festival today with the world premiere of the Stones concert film Shine a Light. After a screening, the band and the director met with an overflow crowd of reporters for a press conference full of mutual admiration. Mick Jagger pointed out that "Shine a […]

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  • Graduation

    There is no bigger lie on Graduation than when Kanye West claims he doesn't "try hard," as he does on the single "Can't Tell Me Nothing." West tries extremely hard at everything he does. And unlike his hip-hop and rock peers – most of whom want Grammys and good reviews as much as he does […]

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  • The 100 Best Covers: The Beasties' B-Boy Games

    'Rolling Stone' celebrates our 1000th issue by examining 100 iconic covers

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  • Kanye West Is A Star: Live in New York

    The Louis Vuitton Don rocks Madison Square Garden with help from Jay-Z

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  • Be

    For years, Common has struggled with the mantle of Rapper You're Most Likely to Take Home to Your Mama. He's so genuinely positive that when he rhymes about bitches, he's sometimes actually referring to female dogs ("Reality's a bitch/And I heard that she bites"). When Common is on, he's a fearless MC who can rhyme […]

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  • The Massacre

    Ever since he rode to fame on the epochal party groove of "In Da Club" two years ago, 50 Cent has been living a double life. On the one hand, he's the former crack dealer who, as he claims on his new album, has your mama hogtied in the other room. At the same time, […]

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  • Dylan Enjoying Sales Storm

    Classic albums, reissues posting hefty numbers

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