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Natasha Stovall


  • To Venus And Back

    Complicated is a word for Tori Amos; she might even use it to describe herself. Her sixth recording, the double disc To Venus and Back, testifies to just how wide and deep her river runs. The two CDs — Venus Orbiting, an unplanned studio effort that Amos recorded suddenly this summer, and Venus Live, Still […]

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  • Phenomenon

    Self-styled hip-hop puritans reserve special disdain for Top 40 success stories like Salt-n-Pepa and L.L. Cool J. So on the occasion of SNP's fifth record, Brand New, and L.L. Cool J's seventh, Phenomenon, let's get a few things straight: Not only are Salt-n-Pepa and L.L. Cool J as legitimate as hip-hop comes, but in terms […]

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