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Monica Herrera


  • Change Your Life

    Iggy Azalea 'Change Your Life' Review

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  • Chris Kelly of Kris Kross Dead at 34

    The teen hip-hop duo landed a Number One hit in 1992 with 'Jump'

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  • Lil Wayne Is 'Alive and Well': Mack Maine Denies Rapper Is in a Coma

    'Don't believe the nonsense,' Maine writes on Twitter

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  • Smashing Pumpkins to Play SXSW

    Band will play Red Bull's show on Saturday

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  • Rare Chandeliers

    Like the slabs of steak this part-time chef hands out at his shows, Action Bronson's musical formula is easy to love: nunchakus-speed boasts about weed, fellatio, food and B-film schemes ("Flick chives in the soup/Stick knives where you poop"), Nineties-baby shout-outs (Danny Tanner, "Bitches blowin' on my dick like a cartridge") and narrative scenes dense […]

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  • Taylor Allderdice

    "My weed so strong, I swear to God you would think it’s cologne," brags the Pittsburgh MC on this mixtape, essentially an apology for the mass appeal of his 2011 debut. Wiz Khalifa tampers down the singsong hooks in favor of insular stoner-rap mood pieces ("California"), defensive interludes ("Yeah, I'm a pop rapper/ I'll pop […]

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  • Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire Talk 'Hunger Games'

    Inside the year's hottest soundtrack

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  • 4evaNaDay

    "I make albums, not hits," snarls Mississippi producer-rapper Big K.R.I.T. over howling electric blues on "Handwriting," stating his case with the kind of tunnel-vision zeal Kanye West reserves for awards-show rants. 4evaNaDay is K.R.I.T.'s eighth mixtape, a self-produced act of defiance while Def Jam endlessly stalls his debut album. He expresses concern about his thick drawl, […]

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  • Careless World: Rise of the Last King

    That Tyga ranks as the fourth-best rapper on Lil Wayne's label is hardly a sign of weakness. The 22-year-old's first LP for Young Money lays bare its Top 40 aspirations with misty-eyed R&B ("Far Away") and clings mostly to an everyman rags-to-riches narrative; it also keeps a shrewd eye on the club with the dank […]

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  • Nehru Jackets

    Das Racist's wiliest rhymer is also their most caustic joker. On his first solo mixtape, Himanshu snipes at the NYPD ("New York's spineless"), Whole Foods ("I be at bodegas") and his own success ("I went from 'Why bother?' to 'Fuck it, yo, I'll holla for the mighty dolla'") with a grown-up stoner's finesse. His soft […]

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