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Michael Azerrad


  • The Who: Live at the Isle of Wight

    Townshend and Co. rock bodies, blow minds

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  • 3 Feet High And Rising

    De La Soul has already mastered the three j's of postmodernism: juxtapose, juxtapose, juxtapose. Welcome to the first psychedelic hip-hop record. Throughout twenty-four tracks, the band combines a bewildering variety of sounds culled from sources as disparate as a scratchy French-language-instruction record, Steely Dan's "Peg," Liberace and countless Seventies-soul rhythm tracks (including the obligatory James […]

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  • Bee Thousand

    Late in Bee Thousand, Guided by Voices singer/songwriter Robert Pollard provides a skeleton key to his remarkable music. "I am a pharmacist, prescriptions I will fill you," he sings, "potions, pills and medicines to ease your painful lives." It's no empty boast — the stately little hymn "I Am a Scientist" and the 19 other […]

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  • Mellow Gold

    Whether by preference or rationalization, slacker victims trumpet their dropout status with dilapidated jeans, greasy hair and a sarcastic, defeatist posture. Enter 23-year-old Beck singing, "I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?" on "Loser," the ultracatchy opening track on this fascinating debut. Just to underline the point, a sampled George Bush whines, […]

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  • Q&A: John Peel

    A sit down with the legendary, trendsetting DJ

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  • Where You Been

    Today's twentysomethings didn't grow up on the Beatles and the Stones. They grew up on Kiss, Peter Frampton and Neil Young. Making something meaningful out of these mostly baser metals calls for a bit of musical alchemy. Which is where Dinosaur Jr comes in. On their second major-label album, these college-underground champs recall the shambling […]

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  • Beastie Boys, Rollins Band Shake Up NYC

    Moshing and booty-shaking collide at Roseland

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  • New Jersey

    Take a look at the charts: metal rules. And as the metal heap has gotten higher, it has also widened to the point that it can include such disparate bands as Bon Jovi and Metallica. Some might see no difference at all between the two bands, but to your average kid, they're as opposite as […]

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  • Nirvana, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys Cross the Pond for Reading Fest

    Cobain and Nick Cave enchant, while the Beasties get lost in translation

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  • Grunge City: The Seattle Scene

    For real rockers, Seattle is the ultimate Wet Dream

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