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Mark Coleman


  • Down With The King

    Run-D.M.C. stages its comeback in the same way it stormed the pop charts in the mid-Eighties: straight-faced and ultraconfident, funky and forthright. Backed by the stripped-down beats of DJ Jam Master Jay, rappers Run and D.M.C. get over in 1993 just by being themselves — aggressively. Ruled down for the count after the disastrous Back […]

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  • Get a Grip

    If you wanna hang loose, baby, get a grip." When Steven Tyler delivers this bit of wisdom on the title track of Aerosmith's fifteenth album, it seems plausible enough. Or maybe it's just impossible to argue with this screaming siren and his crew when they fall in behind a hot-shit metallic R&B strut. On "Get […]

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  • Stone Alone: Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard

    Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard goes solo with Shame

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  • Dry

    With its choke-hold guitar energy and the controlled vocal eruptions of Polly Harvey, this British trio created a college-radio splash on this side of the Atlantic. There’s an undeniable electricity to Dry, the band’s debut: These musical primitives make exciting use of dynamics and twisted arrangements. As a frontwoman, Harvey commands attention: She cunningly mixes […]

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  • Your Arsenal

    Mope no more. forsaking the cozy glow of cult-hero worship on his fourth solo album, Morrissey hurls himself into the cold cruel rock mainstream. Your Arsenal is the most direct — and outwardly directed — statement he's made since disbanding the Smiths. Buoyed by the conversational grace of his lyric writing, Morrissey rides high atop […]

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  • Back From Hell

    Struggling to appear relevant next to Ice Cube and the Geto Boys, Run-D.M.C. has shot itself in the foot. This groundbreaking rap group's fifth album is a bitter disappointment because it's so obvious — or, as rappers Run and D.M.C. would now put it, so motherfuckin' obvious. Gratuitous obscenities abound on the record, and they […]

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  • Mama Said Knock You Out

    Even his die-hard fans know the truth: L.L. Cool J needed to change his rap this time out. Blithe one-liners like “I’m so bad I can suck my own dick” dragged 1989’s musically fierce Walking With a Panther into self-parody. His fourth album probably won’t win any public-service awards, but L.L. Cool J’s rhymes and […]

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  • I'm Breathless

    An alternative subtitle could be Madonna Goes Broadway in a Major Way. She pulls it off with brass and panache, but then everybody knows Madonna doesn't mess around. Compared with Prince's mechanical-sounding Batman LP, at any rate, I'm Breathless stands as a unified whole — a fully realized concept album. Whether that's a compliment depends […]

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  • Shake Your Money Maker

    Blame it on the Stones. That pack of aging rogues may or may not fit the bill for the Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World circa 1990, but the group's influence remains surprisingly vital — or haven't you heard Aerosmith strut its stuff lately? Well, here's another set of hopped-up white boys, four […]

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  • The Best Of Luther Vandross...The Best Of Love

    I can only speak for the things that I've been through," Luther Vandross declares on "Promise Me," and his absolute emotional veracity is what elevates this lavish greatest-hits package to the soul stratosphere. "So when it comes to our love, I'll talk the whole night through." Talk hell: Vandross cries, whispers, sighs, cajoles, shouts, shimmies […]

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