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Mac Randall


  • Tommy (Deluxe Edition)

    Rock opera may seem like a laughable concept these days, but when the Who brought it to the world via Tommy in 1969, it was an unmatched thrill. Almost thirty-five years later, this classic-rock touchstone still has the power to enthrall. Sure, the story line (deaf, dumb and blind kid becomes pinball-playing redeemer of mankind) […]

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  • I Can't Stop

    In 1974, Al Green, arguably the most seductive soul man of all time, was involved in a nasty episode concerning a married woman and a plate of hot grits. Soon after, he decided it was better to sing to the Lord than to the ladies, and he parted ways with producer Willie Mitchell, with whom […]

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  • Divine Light: Reconstructions & Mix Translation

    Back in the early Seventies, well before he'd ever heard of Rob Thomas, Carlos Santana cut a pair of solo records, Love Devotion Surrender and Illuminations, while under the influence of two dangerous substances: the music of John Coltrane and the philosophy of Sri Chinmoy. Now producer Bill Laswell has gone back to those albums […]

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