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Lauren Lipsay


  • Electric Daisy Carnival Brings Over-the-Top Beats to Las Vegas

    EDM mega-fest delivers three days of spectacle despite windstorms

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  • Cosmic Opera Brings Dance Music and Drama to Hammerstein Ballroom

    'Extrasensory event series' features DJs Axwell and Thomas Gold alongside acrobats

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  • Nancy Pelosi Vs. Stephen Colbert

    Despite having vowed never to be a guest of Stephen, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on the Colbert Report last night. "Do you often break your promises?" Colbert asked her. “This is part of my Lenten promise to do good works, be kind to Republicans," Pelosi replied. The pair discussed the Citizens United decision, […]

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  • Jon Stewart on the GOP's Obamageddon Fantasies

    Republicans had some dire predictions in 2008 for the consequences of an Obama victory. In 2008, said Jon Stewart on last night's Daily Show, "there was nothing you could do to defend yourself from the socialist Islamic takeover" sure to be brought about by the Obama administration. Unfortunately, however, "it appears Barack Obama has failed […]

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  • Stephen Colbert on Super PAC Mania

    With more than 320 super PACs registered with the FEC at last count, Stephen Colbert can't help but feel as if "everyone's riding [his] wallet-tails." Case in point: Obama recently revised his stance on super PACs as his re-election campaign begins to seek donations, saying that he still believes the Citizens United decision is wrong […]

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  • Jon Stewart and Russ Feingold Talk Money in Politics

    Former Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) was on last night's Daily Show to discuss his new book, While America Sleeps. Conversation quickly turned to money in politics – Feingold was co-author of the landmark campaign finance law eviscerated by the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision, which led to the rise of super PACs. "Now we […]

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  • Jon Stewart on Congress's All-Male Contraception Panel

    The Obama administration's recent decision to require that religious-affiliated organizations provide for contraception in their insurance plans set off "an old-fashioned liberty stand-off," said Jon Stewart on last night's Daily Show. "The sides are Catholics and women," he explained, "and we know both are infallible." Stewart then took a look at Republican Rep. Darrell Issa's […]

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  • Tim Dickinson on Obama's 'Political' Playlist

    Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Tim Dickinson was on on Current TV's Countdown on Friday to discuss the Obama campaign's newly-released Spotify playlist. As much as the songs themselves, he says, the thing to notice is that the campaign is using "new tools and new social media to reach out to voters." The playlist is "a […]

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  • Bill Maher on the Right's 'Real America' Fantasy

    On Friday's Real Time, Bill Maher attacked the tiresome and moronic Republican tic of writing off great swaths of America – cities like Chicago and New York and states like Hawaii (a place "liberals made up so Obama could become president") – as somehow not part of "real America." "Just mention Massachusetts with a big […]

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  • Obama on the Upswing

    Good news for President Obama: A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has him leading presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, 51-45 percent, in a hypothetical general election matchup. What's more, 52 percent of Americans believe Obama understands the country's economic problems, compared to only 32 percent for Romney, whose presidential bid rests on the idea that […]

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