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Kyle Anderson


  • Rob Zombie: "Our Fans Were More Metal Than We Were"

    Rob Zombie looks back on White Zombie, the old weird MTV and his new box set

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  • Nintendo Designer Mutates Music Games

    Wii Music adds new elements, interactivity

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  • Smashing Pumpkins Mix Elation With Frustration at NYC Anniversary Stop

    In the lobby of United Palace, the grand theater in Harlem where Smashing Pumpkins spent two nights celebrating their 20th anniversary last week, a T-shirt for sale declared "Smashing Pumpkins: 20 Years of Sadness." Based on the two unique sets Billy Corgan scowled through, a more accurate phrase would have been "20 Years of Frustration […]

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  • The Unlikeliest Comeback: Gavin Rossdale Returns to To Rock Radio

    Back in the post-grunge era in the '90s, nobody — not Scott Weiland, not the dudes from Candlebox — was more maligned than Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. Labeled as a wannabe from the start, his band still made four albums and sold millions of records on the back of huge singles like "Machinehead" and "Swallowed." […]

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  • Having Survived Industrial Rock, Ogre Takes on the Future

    Nivek Ogre, the founder of industrial icons Skinny Puppy who was born Kevin Ogilvie but now just goes by "Ogre," has been around both literally and figuratively. Born and raised in Canada, his work with Skinny Puppy (as well as KMFDM, Pigface, Ministry, Revolting Cocks and just about every other major band in the genre) […]

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  • Nick Cave and Warren Ellis Bring Pathos, Rage to "Woyzeck"

    The characters in Georg Buchner's play Woyzeck are fueled by pride, haunted by the past, overcome with testosterone and ultimately crippled by their own pathos. So it makes perfect sense that Nick Cave composed new songs for a production of the play first developed by the Reykjavik City Theater and imported to the Brooklyn Academy […]

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  • Intimacy

    Bloc Party have had a hard time finding their niche: They've bounced from the dance rock of their debut to the stadium-size riffs of their second album, sounding unfocused both times. But their latest album finally finds a way to combine jittery club grooves and big hooks into a seamless rock record — their most […]

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  • OutKast's Andre Benjamin Says New Solo Album Coming Soon

    Andre Benjamin has dressed up as everything from a space alien to a slick pimp as a member of OutKast, but he's never worn a turtle costume — until now. This Friday sees the opening of Battle In Seattle, a film about the protests surrounding the 1999 World Trade Organization summit. Benjamin plays Django, a […]

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  • The Raconteurs, Bob Dylan Highlight New American Music Union in Pittsburgh

    Even before he took the stage to close out the inaugural New American Music Union festival, Bob Dylan cast an exceptionally large shadow over the proceedings. The fest, organized by American Eagle and presented around the corner from their corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, featured an eclectic lineup whose musical DNA could all be traced back […]

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  • Despite Inconsistencies, Nine Inch Nails Provide Big Impact

    It's hard to dislike Trent Reznor: the guy regularly gives away excellent music, goes out of his way to design a visually stunning stage show and even fought through voice problems tonight. While his set got off to a fast start with a hard-hitting combination of "1,000,000" and "Discipline" (both from The Slip) and delivered […]

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