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Kurt Loder


  • Great Scot: Nobody Pushes Sean Connery Around

    James Bond made the actor a very wealthy man — but at 53, he may just be reaching the peak of his career

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  • Keith Richards: The 40th Anniversary Interview

    In a career-spanning talk, Keef addresses everything from Mozart to hip-hop to laptops

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  • The Rising

    The heart sags at the prospect of pop stars weighing in on the subject of September 11th. Which of them could possibly transmute the fiery horror of that day with the force of their art, or offer up anything beyond a dismal trivialization? The answer, it turns out, is Bruce Springsteen. With his new album, […]

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  • Purple Rain (Soundtrack)

    The spirit of Jimi Hendrix must surely smile down on Prince Rogers Nelson. Like Hendrix, Prince seems to have tapped into some extraterrestrial musical dimension where black and white styles are merely different aspects of the same funky thing. Prince's rock & roll is as authentic and compelling as his soul and his extremism is […]

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  • Face the Music

    There's much ado about nothing in National Review's recent attack on rock & roll

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  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Supremes, The Drifters, Bob Dylan and more were inducted during a star-studded ceremony and performance

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  • Now and Zen

    This record is some kind of stylistic event: a seamless pop fusion of hard guitar rock, gorgeous computerization and sharp, startling songcraft. Now and Zen, Robert Plant's fourth solo album, is so rich in conceptual invention that you barely notice that Plant sings better on it — with more tone, control and rhythmic acuity — […]

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  • The Rolling Stone 20th Anniversary Interview: Bob Dylan

    To celebrate our twentieth anniversary, 'Rolling Stone' talked with some of the people who have helped to shape rock & roll, as well as American culture and politics, during the last two decades

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  • Keith Richards: The Rolling Stone 20th Anniversary Interview

    Rolling Stones guitarist helps us ring in two decades

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  • Q&A: Bob Dylan

    The singer-songwriter on his past, the present and rock's future

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