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Kathryn McGuire


  • Electric Circus

    Common recorded much of his fifth album at Electric Lady, the downtown Manhattan studio Jimi Hendrix built, and you can hear Hendrix's psychedelic spirit seep under the boho rapper's skin. Electric Circus is a wild, vibrant trip billowing with purple-haze guitars, ethereal choruses and warped scratching. Common's familiar nasal rasp and thoughtful rhymes are in […]

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  • Stillmatic

    On Jay-Z's "takeover," one of the many vicious volleys in the ongoing Nas/Jay-Z battle, Jigga brutally sums up Nas' back catalog, crediting him with "one hot album every ten years, average." He's got a point – aside from his classic 1994 debut, Illmatic, the Queens-bred rapper's output has been uneven, to put it nicely. The […]

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