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Karen Schoemer


  • Live At Sin-E

    In the summer of 1993, at the age of twenty-six, Jeff Buckley embarked on his solo recording career with all the temperate modesty of Alexander the Great charging into Persia. Newly signed to Columbia, he gave two solo performances at New York's cafe Sin-e in which the yowl of his voice and the clang of […]

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  • Fleetwood Mac Live in New Jersey: Stevie Nicks Shines, Egos Clash

    A look at the classic rockers' eagerly awaited comeback tour

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  • World Without Tears

    Lucinda Williams' World Without Tears opens with a note of tremolo guitar. For a fraction of a second it hangs there, like water waiting to drip from a faucet, unfinished but perfect. "Fruits of My Labor," the song that follows, is languorous, unadulterated soul. Brushes circle a snare head, and the bass takes its sweet […]

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  • A Breed Apart

    Powered by the musical vision of Kim Deal and the free spirit of her sister, Kelley, the Breeders bring soul and sass to punk rock

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