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Kara Manning


  • John Prine: 'It's Hard to Write a Happy Love Song'

    With the release of his 11th studio album, 'Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings,' Prine discusses songwriting inspiration and being a "real romantic"

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  • Generation Next

    The smokin' sounds of summer '94

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  • I'm Alive

    In the early '70s, there was no need to distinguish the cowboys from the rockers, primarily because the cowboys were the rockers — longhaired desert poets with guitars and a moody, self-focused bent to their lyrics. In those days, artists like Jackson Browne and the Eagles redefined American rock. On later albums such as Late […]

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  • River Of Deams

    It's ironic that the angry young man of Turnstiles (1976) and The Stranger (1977), who frantically ran from the middle-class clichés of his native Long Island, N.Y., should find himself nearly 20 years later contemplating the meaning of life along the sandy shores of — where else? — Long Island. Like rock & roll's own […]

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  • Colour of Your Dreams

    In the sterling years of FM radio, when it was no crime to sandwich King Crimson, Stevie Wonder, the Velvet Underground and Bessie Smith in the same set, songwriter Carole King shattered sales records with her transcendent second solo album, Tapestry. Back then, the limits of contemporary rock were defined by factors other than decibels […]

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