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Kaitlin Fontana


  • Tom Morello Celebrates Change, Rouses Rabble in Vancouver

    In light of Tuesday night's election results, Tom Morello will not be moving to Canada. This news prompted a sold-out audience at Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom to offer the only boos of the night. The rest of the time, Morello's alter ego the Nightwatchman faced a crowd so amped that he twice asked them to calm […]

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  • Oasis & Ryan Adams Preview Upcoming Albums in Vancouver

    The once scarily prolific Ryan Adams hasn't put an album out in a while, but that didn't stop him and his band the Cardinals from hitting the road with Oasis or from presenting a stirring set in Vancouver's huge GM Place. Adams stuck mostly to songs from 2005's Cold Roses and points forward, including a […]

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  • Pemberton Day 3: Coldplay Joke Their Way Through Headlining Set

    As co-producers of the inaugural Pemberton Festival, it was in Coldplay's best interests to see the fest off in style. Once they finally got down to it after Jay-Z's set, it was all smiles, jokes and parodied lyrics, even on the weightier songs (on "Fix You," Chris Martin crooned, "When the festival traffic moves at […]

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  • Pemberton Day 3: Jay-Z, N.E.R.D. Feel the Crowd on Fest’s Final Day

    Jay-Z has recently become a go-to festival performer, and on Pemberton's final day he gave the Canadian crowd a set spanning his career (but no Oasis-spoofing jokes, as he did at Glastonbury). With a full band, including a horn section and a percussionist at his command, Jay sometimes doled out his smashes in their entirety […]

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  • Pemberton Day 3: Vampire Weekend, Death Cab for Cutie Belt Out Literary Rock

    "Despite it being early, and you all being clear-headed and sober, we always ask people to dance to this one," Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig said to a small but enthusiastic crowd gathered for the first main-stage act on Pemberton's last day. The song was "A-Punk," and, partly due to a hosed-down, dust-free dance floor, the […]

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  • Pemberton Day 2: Tom Petty Hauls in Crowds, Hits, Adoration

    At other festivals, Tom Petty might seem like the wild card. But in a valley full of kids raised by classic rock radio (and even some of their parents) he's quite the opposite: he's the draw. Cries of "Give me Petty!" started the second the Flaming Lips exited the stage, but it would be another […]

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  • Pemberton Day 2: The Flaming Lips Chase the Elusive Freak Out

    Before you ask: It's teletubbies this tour. And even in the fading twilight heat, the folks in the suits were definitely sweating. As their puppet master floated over the crowd (okay, he kinda flopped) in his giant hamster ball, those on stage and off started dancing to "Race for the Prize." And then, as if […]

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  • Pemberton Day 2: Hometown Heroes Black Mountain Tempt Fates

    It was Black Mountain's singular fate to have the least distance to travel and the most to prove at Pemberton. This may be why the heralded Vancouver band waited to start their side stage set until they were certain their mainstage neighbors (fellow Maple Leafers the Tragically Hip) were finished. As having the most to […]

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  • Pemberton Day 2: My Morning Jacket Call to the Mountain Spirits

    Maybe it's the Kentucky in them, but My Morning Jacket slipped into the opening slot on day two of Pemberton's mainstage like they'd been hanging out among the mountains and trees for days waiting to begin. It was under a slight sprinkling of summer rain that Jim James emerged, complete with blanket poncho and a […]

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  • Interpol, Nine Inch Nails Light Up Pemberton Day 1

    If Rothbury is set to be the next Bonnaroo, then the first annual Pemberton Festival will gladly take the title of next Glastonbury. Similarly isolated, sprawling and boasting acts as far flung as Tom Petty and Jay-Z, Pemberton's organizers clearly had its British brethren in mind when concocting this fest. After some typical first-day mayhem […]

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