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Julie Wolfson


  • Sponsored: Fashion Insider: Meet MASAKO a Gap 1969 Women's Merchant

    Women's Merchant Masako Konishi began her career at Gap in 2004 as a part of the Retail Management Program where she learned every aspect of production, planning and merchandising. Born in New York, Konishi has lived in Tokyo, Philadelphia, Houston, Boston and San Francisco, which has contributed to her understanding of denim consumers at both […]

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  • Sponsored: Fashion Insider: Meet JASON a Gap 1969 Men's Designer

    Infusing elements of rock 'n' roll into his work, Men's Designer Jason Ferro cuts edgy forms influenced by a youth steeped in punk rock and the skateboarding scene. Growing up by the beach in Southern California's Orange County, Ferro fuels his designs with a fashion-forward take on the relaxed West Coast style. As a teenager, […]

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  • Sponsored: Fashion Insider: Meet NICOLE a Gap 1969 Women's Designer

    Exploring the ‘sexier side of tomboy', Nicole King-Burroughs, Women's Designer for Gap 1969, fuses boyish casual with feminine silhouettes.  Inspired by lanky basketball athletes, Nicole draws all of her sketches with extra-long legs. Nicole began sketching clothes at just four years old, culminating in a taffeta dress she created for her prom. After studying fashion […]

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  • Sponsored: Fashion Insider: Meet CALE a Gap 1969 Men's Merchant

    With a background in architecture, Cale Margol applies what he knows about the structure of buildings to creating the perfect pair of jeans.  Growing up in Florida, Margol demonstrated his early passion for denim by challenging its seasonal constraints. "Moving from Winter to Summer, I never wanted to put on shorts. I just wanted to […]

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  • Sponsored: Fashion Insider: Meet ROB a Gap 1969 Wash Specialist

    The third generation in his family to work with denim, Rob Crews began his indoctrination into the industry at the age of sixteen, working along with his father in a Mississippi-based laundry. Experimenting early on as a teenager with cultivating the worn-in beauty of denim, Crews recalls his throwback technique to achieving the fabric’s rugged […]

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