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Julian Brookes


  • Taibbi on Spitzer: Wall Street Regulators Let the Big Guys Off Easy

    Matt Taibbi dropped by Eliot Spitzer's Current TV show, Viewpoint, last night to discuss the subject of his latest Taibblog post – how the Securities and Exchange Commission, the government's cop on the Wall Street beat, looks the other way while the big banks bend and break the law. He cites Lehman Brothers as a particularly […]

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  • Help Matt Taibbi Stand Up for Wall Street Reform

    Recently in Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi detailed how Wall Street lobbyists, with a big assist from congress and the White House, are rolling back the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. Dodd-Frank, designed to rein in banking fraud and recklessness and prevent another cataclysmic financial crisis, "turned out to be like the fish reeled in by Hemingway's […]

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  • Top Ten Lukewarm Romney Endorsements

    Rudy Giuliani was full of praise for Mitt Romney on CNN over the weekend. But, even so, America's mayor couldn't resist contrasting his own record running New York to Romney's as Massachusetts governor. "He had a reduction in unemployment of about 8,10 percent — I think it was 15 percent," Giuliani said when asked about […]

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  • NASA’s James Hansen Slams Obama for Failure to Lead on Climate

    President Obama can't catch a break: Just when he gets right with the gays, the greens come after him. In today's New York Times NASA's leading climate scientist James Hansen takes the president to task for not doing jack on climate change. "President Obama speaks of a 'planet in peril,'" Hansen fumes, "but he does […]

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  • Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on the Fired-Up Youth Vote

    In 2008 young voters were all about Obama – they got inspired, they volunteered, they even voted. What about this year? Not so much, judging from this report from The Daily Show's Al Madrigal. America's youth is still fired up, it looks like; just not about politics. Watch: The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: […]

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  • Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney’s Mormon ‘Problems’

    Before Mitt Romney wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination, the, ahem, agents of intolerance on the Christian right weren't shy about basically calling him, by virtue of his Mormonism, a non-Christian cult member, and as such unfit to be president. As Jon Stewart noted on last night's Daily Show, now that Romney is the candidate, […]

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  • Paul Krugman on How to Fix the Economy – and Why It’s Easier Than You Think

    The Nobel Prize-winning economist has a plan to end this depression now. And it won't even hurt.

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  • Jon Stewart on the Game of (Student) Loans

    The youth vote is in play this election year, so let the pandering begin. Case in point: Nobody – nobody – wants to let the interest rates on student loans double. Not Obama, not Romney, not even congressional Republicans. But, as Jon Stewart noted on last night's Daily Show, that's about as far as bipartisan […]

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  • Tim Dickinson on the Obama-Romney ‘Cool Gap’

    Who's cooler: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Exactly. Next question… Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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  • The Koch Brothers – Exposed!

    Charles and David Koch have poured $100 million into right-wing causes. A new film shows their impact on "living, breathing human beings"

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