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Jon Wiederhorn


  • Phil Anselmo on Superjoint Ritual’s Return: ‘Everything’s 100 Times Better’

    Pantera singer opens up about his hardcore band's "regrettable" past, "fun" present and wide-open future

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  • Inside the All-Star Les Paul 100th Anniversary Celebration

    Steve Miller, Warren Haynes, Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa and more pay tribute to late guitar innovator at gala event

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  • Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Died of Accidental Overdose

    Coroner rules the Rev's December '09 death resulted from lethal combination of prescription drugs and alcohol

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  • Slang

    In the '80s, Def Leppard's extravagant productions and power-rock anthems prompted a generation to empty its pockets and unzip its pants in pursuit of pop nirvana. But today's listeners want more than cheap thrills and stomping sing-alongs. To comply, the band has stripped down its booming sound and expanded its musical vocabulary. Sometimes it works, […]

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  • Good Buds

    On the road with the weed-lovin', record-sellin', good-timin' 311

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  • Generation Swine

    Last year, '80s metal stalwarts Motley Crue announced that they were getting back together with original vocalist Vince Neil, who acrimoniously left the band, in 1992. They claimed that the reunion would lead them in a new direction that would defy expectations and launch them into the next millennium. For the most part, they were […]

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  • Hand It Over

    Dinosaur Jr mastermind J Mascis' lethargic vocals and sprawling rhythms predated slacker culture, and his 1987 album, You're Living All Over Me, served as a vital influence for bands like the Lemonheads, Pavement and even Nirvana. But while many of his disciples went on to drown their sorrows in bottles of expensive champagne, Mascis has […]

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  • Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson Hit CMJ with Surprise Set

    An industrial parade unleashes controlled anarchy on Irving Plaza September 5th

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  • Evil Empire

    Heavy metal has never been much of a forum for political discourse. Not that all razor-edged rockers are lunkheads, but many are just too narcissistic to see beyond their own narrow world Either they're obsessed with decadence and debauchery or consumed by misery and hatred. Neither situation leaves much room for intelligent discussion of the […]

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  • Alice in Chains: To Hell and Back

    They've survived personal tragedy, but the hardest thing for Alice in Chains may be finding a way to live with themselves

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