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Jon Landau


  • Band On The Run

    Everyone eventually winds up writing about themselves — the problem is finding the best way to go about it. To write about oneself literally, in the first person, presumes a more interesting personal life and philosophy than most rock lyricists possess. John Lennon was good for one great album based on musical direct address, Plastic […]

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  • Live In Europe

    This poorly recorded double-record set shows John Fogerty's musical personality in a somewhat different light from his studio recordings. Although he runs through the songs with characteristic discipline, he seems looser and occasionally more energetic than usual. Playing in front of enthusiastic crowds in 1971, he was less inhibited and the resulting sense of freedom […]

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  • Mardi Gras

    In the future, Mardi Gras may be known as Fogerty's Revenge. After all the carping about his egotism, and after the published complaints from his co-workers about his hogging the show, he has done what I never thought he would: allowed his cohorts to expose themselves in public. Ceding six of the new album's ten […]

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  • Dylan the Mythmaker Makes It Real

    Thunder rolled across the East Coast, and so did the good vibes

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  • Robert Redford: Ballad of a Cool Man

    The actor's one-dimensional heroes

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  • Positively 84th Street: Echoes From the Basement

    Dylan's 'Basement Tapes' captures the reality of where he was at a particular moment

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  • 'Mystery Train': Right on Time

    Critic Greil Marcus on America through rock & roll, rock & roll through America

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  • Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

    First things first. This is one of Elton John's best albums. He hasn't tried to top past successes, only to continue the good work he's been doing. And he's succeeded, even taking a few chances in the process. The record is devoid of the gimmicky rock numbers from the Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the […]

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  • Just Another Way To Say I Love You

    Barry White seemed so filled with self-parody at first that it was easy to dismiss him. But it is becoming increasingly obvious with every additional release that he is a very talented man. His distinction rests with the fact that he is currently one of rock's great bandleaders. At his best, he can perform any […]

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  • Young Americans

    The title song of David Bowie's Young Americans is one of his handful of classics, a bizarre mixture of social comment, run-on lyric style, English pop and American soul. The band plays great and Tony Visconti's production is flawless — just a touch of old-fashioned slap-back echo to give the tracks some added mystery. The […]

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