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John McAlley


  • Both Sides

    According to Phil Collins, his first solo LP since the dour … But Seriously (1989) is so deeply personal that he cloistered himself in his 12-track home studio to record it. A veritable one-man band, he laid down each of the album's 11 songs track by track. This solitary process has spawned a record even […]

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  • The Rhythym of the Saints

    On Graceland, Paul Simon's spirited, cross-cultural masterpiece. the singer-songwriter was "looking for a shot of redemption." Over the course of his brilliant solo career to that point. Simon had dutifully paraded his tangled emotions on the epics of despair Paul Simon and Still Crazy After All These Years, as well as on the slightly less […]

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  • Storm Front

    On Storm Front, his first studio album since The Bridge in 1986, Billy Joel throws off pop complacency for an angry, committed — and often moving — exploration of life in modern America. Defining the album's theme of lost innocence is a core of songs that evokes the desperate disorientation that has suffused American consciousness […]

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  • That's Why I'm Here

    With its heartening aura of renewed faith and burgeoning self-knowledge, James Taylor's That's Why I'm Here reveals a man at peace with himself, his notorious inner demons finally silenced. Taylor's career has been indelibly colored by the forlorn imagery of Sweet Baby James and the media scrutiny of his mental health and drug history that […]

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