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John Clarke


  • Grateful Dead Roadie: 'I Took My Job as a Sacred Task'

    The Grateful Dead biopic adapted from Home Before Daylight already has a shortlist of hot directors including Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Jonathan Demme and Larry Charles. "Those are the guys that would really knock it out of the park," producer Stephen Emery tells Rock Daily. But like any business these days, the film industry is […]

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  • Former Grateful Dead Keyboardist Merl Saunders Dies

    Keyboardist Merl Saunders, a longtime collaborator with the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band, died this morning at Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco after complications from a stroke. Saunders was 74. Saunders suffered a stroke six years ago and lost the use of one of his hands and his ability to speak, but remained active […]

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  • The Dead Reunite for Obama at Scorching Penn State Benefit Gig

    Once again, Obama has raised the Dead: The remaining members of the Grateful Dead regrouped for the first time in four years at a "Change Rocks" fundraiser for Barack Obama at Penn State Monday night. Guitarist Bob Weir, babying a set of broken ribs, joined bassist Phil Lesh and drummer Mickey Hart. Drummer Bill Kreutzmann, […]

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  • Paul Stanley Promises Kiss 35th Anniversary Tour, Opens New Painting Exhibit

    Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley banked millions of dollars last year. Not from touring, but from his paintings. For the past year, Stanley has been touring his original artwork and will open a new exhibit this Saturday at a Washington, DC area gallery. "It's been terrifically successful," Stanley tells Rolling Stone. "And the great thing is […]

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  • Muxtape Reborn as Launching Pad for Unknown Bands

    One month after the RIAA shuttered mixtape-generator Website Muxtape, its founder, Justin Ouellette, has come forward — announcing the site will turn into "a service exclusively for bands" on Muxtape.com. Ouellette reports that the site exploded nearly overnight — there were almost 9,000 users registered on the first day, and 100,000 by the first month. […]

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  • Facebook and iLike Team Up for Sneak Peek at Thievery Corporation's "Radio Retaliation"

    Thievery Corporation will offer an advance glimpse of the duo's upcoming new album in a first-ever joint venture between iLike and FaceBook. The band's fifth independent studio album will stream in its entirety exclusively on iLike on September 19th, five days before the album's official release. Additionally, the D.C.-based outfit of Rob Garza and Eric […]

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  • Dave Matthews, Mike Gordon "Join the Band" With Little Feat

    As the story goes, Little Feat keyboardist Billy Payne was recording with Jimmy Buffett in 2004 when Buffet made a suggestion. Do a guest album. Not a tribute album, but Feat songs as well as others. Buffett offered to fly the band down to Shrimpboat Sound studios in Key West with hopes of locking down […]

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  • Grateful Dead to Play Another Show for Barack Obama

    It's official. Sources tell Rock Daily that the Grateful Dead will play a fundraiser for Barack Obama on October 13 at Penn State. The band, including Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart, are planning to rehearse next week to prep for the show in one of the more hotly contested presidential swing […]

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  • Original Rolling Stones Tongue Logo Sold for $92,500

    A London museum purchased the original Rolling Stones' tongue-and-lips logo over the weekend for $92,500. One of rock's most famous logos, "The Tongue" was created by John Pasche in 1970 and featured on 1971's Sticky Fingers. In what was perhaps one of the first cases of rock brand marketing, Jagger reportedly approached the Royal College […]

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  • Producer James Schamus Says Ang Lee's "Taking Woodstock" Will Capture "Hopeful Spirit"

    Oscar-winning director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, The Ice Storm) and his producer partner James Schamus are dialing back to 1969 in their current project Taking Woodstock. Based on a true story, Demetri Martin stars as interior designer Elliot Tiber, who inadvertently played a pivotal role in Woodstock when he offered his family's Catskills hotel to […]

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