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Jim Derogatis


  • R. Kelly

    The rap on R. Kelly's first two albums was that the Chicago singer/songwriter and producer was a soulman with no real soul, just another hot 'n' horny would-be Lothario using his silky-smooth grooves to lure the honeys to his water bed. But those who'd seen his emotionally wrought live shows knew there was more to […]

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  • Crash

    If Hootie and the Blowfish are heirs to the more song-oriented part of the Grateful Dead's legacy, Spin Doctors and Dave Matthews Band are among those groups vying to continue the ideals of the live Dead, exploring diverse sounds from a rock perspective in a commitment to free-flowing improvisation. But the single biggest factor connecting […]

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  • Q&A: Charlie Watts on His New Jazz Album, Sketching Hotel Beds, and the 40-Year-Old Sex Pistols

    The Rolling Stones drummer breaks his usual silence to discuss his passionate side projects

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  • Q&A: Krist Novoselic on Activism, Censorship, and Life After Nirvana

    'Seeing kids testify before their city council was cool. That's democracy in action, man. If you feel disfranchised, just give it a chance'

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  • Senator Krist: An Interview With Krist Novoselic

    Talking to Nirvana's former bass player about politics, his new band, and censorship

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  • Best New Band: Elastica

    The British punk pop band led by Justine Frischmann makes a connection in the states

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  • Spinner

    In addition to being hailed as an innovative producer and an "idea man" par excellence, Brian Eno is the godfather of ambient music, a genre intended to provide pleasant background to enhance the tasks of everyday life. (In Eno's words, it rewards attention but does not require it.) While such evocative works as Thursday Afternoon […]

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  • Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness

    When Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan boasted that he would follow the triple-platinum Siamese Dream with a sprawling double album that would be The Wall for Generation X, the assumption was that he would make a concept album like Roger Waters' rock opera about the lack of communication and love in modern society. But the […]

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