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Jillian Rayfield


  • Video Testimonials Show the Human Cost of Stop-and-Frisk

    New York is awaiting the outcome of a proposal by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to decriminalize public possession of small amounts of pot, in an effort to cut back on arrests made as a part of New York City's controversial – and racially charged – stop-and-frisk policy. Meanwhile, a new video campaign by the Drug Policy […]

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  • California's Push for More Moderate Candidates Totally Backfires

    In 2010, California voters approved an overhaul of the state's primary system in an attempt to bring more moderates into the state's political races. But when the votes are tallied from today's primary election, the GOP candidate chosen to go up against Sen. Dianne Feinstein in the fall could turn out to be none other […]

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  • Why Gov. Cuomo's Pot Decriminalization Move is a Step - But Only a Step - in the Right Direction

    If Gov. Andrew Cuomo gets his way, New York's racially charged and epically unpopular stop-and-frisk policy could lose a couple of teeth. Cuomo today asked state legislators to get to work on changing the law regarding public possession of pot, which he wants downgraded from a misdemeanor to a violation in line with current New […]

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  • Ari Berman on Voter Suppression in Florida: 'It's No Coincidence What the Republicans Are Doing'

    Despite a warning from the Department of Justice, Florida has indicated that it will continue to purge its voter roll of alleged "non-citizen" voters, which amounts to 182,000 people. In practice, at least 20 percent of those labeled as "non-citizens" in Miami-Dade, for example, were actually eligible to vote, resulting in an yet-unknown number of […]

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  • This Week in Crazy Talk: Trump, Hoekstra and More

    Which fine Americans made the most outlandish comments this week? Two legitimized birthers and a handful of pastors. Donald Trump's been sounding the birther trumpet for about a year now, but this week he reignited his talk and for some reason the media sat up and paid attention. "Look," Trump said, "a publisher came out […]

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  • Think Fox's Anti-Obama Ad Was Bad? Here Are Ten Worse Things They've Said

    Sure, Fox News may have crossed a few ethical lines this week with that "not authorized" attack ad on President Obama (though, perhaps, no more than MSNBC did with a similar anti-Romney ad). But as to the substance, attacking the President for not delivering on his promises of hope and change is tame compared to […]

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  • Colbert on Drone Strikes: Obama's Killing More Than Just the Economy

    Last night, Stephen Colbert pointed to President Obama's record of authorizing five times as many covert drone strikes as President Bush, noting that "we all know that Barack Obama has been working hard to kill our economy, but it turns out there is something he's working even harder to kill." One possible explanation for all […]

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  • Jon Stewart: Bloomberg Should Just Reintroduce Crack if He Really Cares About Fighting Obesity

    On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart railed against Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "terrible idea" of banning the sale of large sodas, and placed the blame for the obesity epidemic squarely on former Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his work to clean up the city. "Guess what happens when you go in and replace strip clubs […]

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  • DOMA's Big Court Walloping

    In a huge blow to supporters of the Defense of Marriage Act, the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston unanimously ruled today that the federal government has no "permissible federal interest" in denying federal benefits to same-sex couples.  Judge Michael Boudin, who was appointed by George H.W. Bush, wrote in the court's opinion that […]

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  • Colbert: There's Definitely No Proof Obama Was Born In 'Amercia'

    Stephen Colbert gave a tip of his hat last night to Mitt Romney for releasing an iPhone app with the misspelled phrase "A Better Amercia." "That's not a problem – that's a brilliant strategy," Colbert said. "Now, Romney can become the president of America or Amercia. He's just doubled the odds." And, he added, "you know […]

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