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Jillian Rayfield


  • So Much For Andrew Cuomo’s Pot Decriminalization Plan

    If you had grand plans to flaunt your pot stash once Gov. Cuomo's proposed pot decriminalization goes into effect, you might want to hold off. According to the New York Times, Cuomo's plan to downgrade public possession of small amounts of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a violation appears to be DOA, thanks to GOP […]

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  • What You Need to Know About the GOP’s War Against Eric Holder

    If you're still under the impression that "Fast and Furious" is a movie about car racing, then you probably haven't been paying attention to the even higher-octane showdown between House Oversight Committee Chairman Republican Darrell Issa and Attorney General Eric Holder. In the latest dramatic developments, Issa last week threatened a vote to hold the […]

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  • Colbert: Pot Legalization Initiatives Are ‘the Ultimate Grassroots Campaign’

    The Democrats are hoping that possible pot legalization ballot initiatives in key swing states Colorado, Ohio, and Michigan will help boost turnout among young people this November. Stephen Colbert agreed last night that this could be "the ultimate grassroots campaign." And, if it works, "Romney is doomed." "We all know pot smokers are highly motivated, […]

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  • Jon Stewart: It’s Almost as if GOP Senators Are on JPMorgan’s Payroll

    Jon Stewart watched JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon testify before the Senate Banking Committee this week, and came to the conclusion that, in fact, "the person hardest on Jamie Dimon … was Jamie Dimon." Like, for example, when Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) told Dimon that it's no big deal that his firm lost $2 billion after […]

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  • What Else Is Happening in Arizona? Crazy Stuff!

    All eyes are on Arizona tonight and its special election to replace Gabrielle Giffords. Which got us wondering: What else has been going on Arizona lately? The answer: really crazy stuff! Some recent highlights: • Birthers in high places. Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett spent a lot of time nagging Hawaiian government officials about […]

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  • Learn to Be a Conspiracy Theorist at the ‘Patriot’ Movement’s Online University

    If you were still looking for a way to spend your summer vacation, I've got good news. The Roger Sherman Institute (RSI), an online university for the anti-government "Patriot" movement, will be holding summer classes – guaranteed to be "nationalist, patriotic, biblical, and constitutional." In addition to standard academic fare like "Fundamentals of the Economy," […]

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  • SCOTUS May – and Should – Take Another Look At Citizens United

    In what would be a very big deal, the Supreme Court could decide this week to reexamine Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission, the game-changing 2010 ruling that blew away limits on political giving by corporations and unions. Here's why: Montana's highest court ruled earlier this year in favor of limits on campaign spending by […]

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  • The Fight for Marriage Equality Moves to State Ballots

    Supporters have scored some key victories in the courts, but have yet to win a state referendum. That has to change.

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  • Terrifying Report Says Earth May Be Reaching A ‘Tipping Point’

    Those reality show contestants competing for a bunker might not be so crazy after all. According to a new report, climate change, population growth, and the destruction of natural ecosystems could push the Earth towards a "state shift" in the biosphere, a global "tipping point" that might result in mass extinction, among other things. "It […]

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  • After Wisconsin: What’s Next for Labor?

    The biggest lesson of the failed recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is that organized labor is no longer the political counterweight to corporate power that it once was, and that if the left doesn't find a way to compete with conservative money, it's toast. It's pretty hard to see Tuesday's outcome as anything other […]

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