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James Isaacs


  • Soundtrack Recordings from the Film 'Jimi Hendrix'

    Necrophiliacs of the rock world unite! It's not one, but two records of posthumously issued Jimi Hendrix material, culled from the forthcoming documentary film Jimi Hendrix, featuring five hitherto unreleased cuts. Three are from Hendrix' final performance, held at the Isle of Wight, and reveal the dishearteningly desultory level to which his playing had by […]

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  • Can't Buy A Thrill

    Mary is strapping on a rubber penis. "Steely Dan III from Yokohama," she says, caressing the shaft.   "What happen to Steely Dan I?" "He was torn in two by a bull dyke. She could cave in a lead pipe." "And Steely Dan II?" "Chewed to bits by a famished candiru in the Upper Baboonsasshole. […]

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