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  • The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time

    The most headbangable records ever, from Metallica's Black Album to Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid'

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  • Dreamland

    Back when he was the voice of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant's enthusiasms included country blues, Middle Eastern music and Sixties folk. These days, his taste in songs remains the same, but the way he plays them has changed. While the inspirations for Dreamland — Bukka White, Tim Buckley, Jesse Colin Young — seem very Led […]

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  • Never Let Me Go

    Never Let Me Go, like most Luther Vandross albums, is a flawless display of technique blessed with exquisite singing, well-crafted arrangements and a mix that has been tweaked to perfection. Unfortunately, the end result is more soporific than soulful — meaning that all Vandross ends up with is the quiet-storm equivalent of elevator music. It's […]

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  • Star Time

    James Brown can seem like an insufferable braggart. He makes no bones about his greatness, proclaiming himself not only the King of Soul but the inventor of funk and the progenitor of rap and disco — not to mention a leading exponent of black pride. To hear him tell it, James Brown is one of […]

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  • Louder Than Love

    Forget all that stuff you might have heard about sex-crazed groupies and luxurious L.A. mansions; the real reason most guys want to be heavymetal rock stars is because they want to make a whole lotta noise. And not just any noise, either. Heavy metal has its own particular kind of glorious thunder — a dark, […]

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  • Superunknown

    Between Kim Thayil's Sabbath-style hypnoriffs and Chris Cornell's keening, Robert Plant-like tenor, Soundgarden are generally written off by alternative fans as just a smarter-than-average metal band. After all, how much was there to "Rusty Cage" or "Outshined" beyond dark, sludgy and tricky Zeppélinesque time changes? Quite a bit, actually. But it's been easy to miss […]

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  • Mirror Ball

    It's hardly a secret that Neil Young loves Pearl Jam and vice versa. When the band opened for Young in 1993, he often brought them out during the encores for a run through "rockin' in the Free World"; when Young was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it was Pearl Jam's Eddie […]

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  • Voters For Choice Benefit: Pearl Jam, Neil Young, L7 and Lisa Germano

    Pearl Jam's first performance since adding new drummer Jack Irons proved they might be the best band on the planet

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  • It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

    When he's onstage with Guns n' Roses, it's easy to see Slash as the strong, silent type, happily inscrutable behind his thick mop of curls. Unlike Axl Rose, who seems obsessed with verbalizing his deepest fears, Slash would rather let his fingers do the talking, an approach that has led to some remarkably expressive solos […]

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  • Wailing Souls: A Reggae Hall of Fame

    The bands and artists you need to know

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