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Greg Tate


  • It's a Hard Knock Legacy: Appreciating the Lessons of Joe Jackson

    The family's patriarch was a deeply flawed man who rose above racism to guide his family to unparalleled heights of stardom

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  • L.A. 1992: How Race Riots Have Shaped America

    From Harlem to South Central to Ferguson, how the riots of our past are a glimpse into America's future

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  • Everything's Beautiful

    Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder and others help boundary-crossing jazz pianist Robert Glasper reimagine the music of Miles Davis

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  • How Black Lives Matter Changed Hip-Hop and R&B

    Kendrick Lamar and D'Angelo spoke to the struggle — but so did Black Twitter, the most radical hip-hop voice of all

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  • Miles Davis at Newport 1955-1975: The Bootleg Series Vol. 4

    New box set of his Newport Jazz Festival performances sheds light on his restless genius

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  • N.E.W.

    Detroit punk progenitors come back to life, stay loud as ever

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  • To Pimp a Butterfly

    The Compton MC's second major-label album is a masterpiece of fiery outrage, deep jazz and ruthless self-critique

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  • Hours

    Never mind the premillennium panic, David Bowie seems to be saying on Hours . . ., let's try plaintive instead. Bowie's twenty-third album is as nakedly emotive a collection as anything in his iconic catalog; it's a summary statement from the man who invented postmodern rock & roll, so school is in session. But teacher […]

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  • Californication

    Let's keep it real: white boys do not have to be funky; they only have to rock, and that the Red Hot Chili Peppers do quite wickedly, thank you. Historically, though, RHCP albums have been long on sock-it-to-me passion but short on the songcraft that made their hero George Clinton's most acid-addled experiments lyrically haunting […]

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